Shakespeare and Company
Lenox, MA

Expires: 10/01/18

Job Dates

Early October to Mid November


$455 per week

Educational Set + Lighting Design Opportunity:

We have openings for three Theatre in Education Set + Lighting Designers to work in the 30th Fall Festival of Shakespeare at Shakespeare + Company, Lenox MA.

This is a nationally acclaimed, dynamic program that fully produces 90 minute versions of Shakespeares plays in 10 local high schools, involving over 400 students, 20 directors and 7-8 costumers and 7-9 production design staff. ...


Kevin Harvell

Production Manager



(413) 637-1199

Business Address

70 Kemble Street.

Lenox, MA 01240

Posted: 08/17/2018 11:38:09 EST

Last Updated: 08/17/2018 15:00 EST

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Tracy Theatre Originals
Hampton, NH
Production House

Expires: 02/17/19

Job Dates

permanent member of staff


11/hr to start or commensurate w/ experience

experienced stitcher to conduct alterations + assist with garment construction under direction of workroom manager.
some props maintenance may also be involved - instruction + supervision available at all times.


Ann Carnaby




(603) 926-8315

Fax: (603) 929-9773

Business Address

70 High St

Hampton, NH 03842

Posted: 08/17/2018 09:30:22 EST

Last Updated: 08/17/2018 13:00 EST

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Chapman University College of Performing Arts
Orange, CA

Expires: 02/16/19

Job Dates

Part time, on call


$18-$30 per hour DOE per hour

Full job description and applications at

The College of Performing Arts has several temporary, part-time, positions to serve as a Theatre Technician I, II, or III capacity. The tasks and duties associated with the Theatre Technician position will vary based on the candidates experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities.


Michael Millar

Production Manager

Business Address

1 University Drive

College of Performing Arts

Orange, CA 92866

Posted: 08/16/2018 15:40:19 EST

Last Updated: 08/16/2018 19:00 EST

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Lexington Children's Theatre
Lexington, KY

Expires: 10/31/18

Job Dates

Negotiable Start Date - May 2019


$460 meal stipend + free housing per month


The production intern team assists the Technical Directors in all scenic, paint, properties, lighting, sound, and media responsibilities for a professional eleven show season. We seek interns with the following skill sets: paint, properties, and carpentry, light, sound, media, and technical direction. Assistant design opportunities (scenic, sound, lighting, and media) and leadership roles (charge artist, properties master, master electrician, assistant technical director) are available to qualified candidates depending on calendar and experience. ...


Lct Hiring Staff



(859) 254-4546

Business Address

418 West Short Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Posted: 08/16/2018 13:00:00 EST

Last Updated: 08/16/2018 11:55 EST

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BoHo Theatre
Chicago, IL

Expires: 09/01/19

Job Dates

Production has started, show opens October 27


$500 - Flat Fee

Looking for an experienced Designer to meet with production team and find / buy / rent props for our final show of the season, 110 in the Shade, Directed by Artistic Director Peter Sullivan. The show is being produced at Theatre Wit on Belmont and has an excellent design team already working. ...


Anthony Churchill

Technical Advisor / Company Member



(773) 490-1486

Business Address

P.O. Box 409267

Chicago, IL 60640

Posted: 08/15/2018 19:45:40 EST

Last Updated: 08/15/2018 23:00 EST

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Arizona Theatre Company
Tucson, AZ

Expires: 09/16/18

Job Dates

08/20/18 - 05/12/19


12.50 per hour

Properties Carpenter/Artisan
Full time Seasonal, non-exempt (hourly)
Reports to Properties Master

Arizonas first professional theatre company, Arizona Theatre Company is the states only member of the respected League of Resident Theatres (LORT) as well as the only LORT theatre nationally that operates in two cities, Tucson (at the historic Temple of Music and Art) and Phoenix, (at the elegant Herberger Theater Centre). ...


Arizona Theatre


Business Address

343 S. Scott Ave

Tucson, AZ 85701

Posted: 08/14/2018 20:41:07 EST

Last Updated: 08/14/2018 23:00 EST

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South Coast Repertory
Costa Mesa, CA

Expires: 10/05/19

Job Dates

Various hours per week as needed


$13-$17 hourly based on position and experience

South Coast Repertory, Orange Countys Tony Award winning regional theater, is accepting resumes for its Production Overhire lists. Each year, SCR supplements its full time staff with up to 150 overhire technicians to help build and run its productions. Positions regularly hired include carpenters, automation technicians, deck crew, props artisans, painters, electricians, follow spot operators, audio technicians, video technicians, wig and makeup technicians, dressers, tailors, cutter/drapers, stitchers, craftspeople, costume design assistants, production assistants and more. ...


See Job Listing


(714) 708-5500

Business Address

PO Box 2197

Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Posted: 08/14/2018 12:16:54 EST

Last Updated: 08/14/2018 15:00 EST

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Mudlark Theater Company
Evanston, IL

Expires: 11/12/18

Job Dates

tech Oct 26th-Nov 1


300 flat fee

Mudlark Theater is seeking a qualified Props Designer for their upcoming production of "The A.R.C. Trials".

The show will take place at Noyes Cultural Art Center, 927 Noyes St, Evanston, IL 60201.

Interested candidates should send their resume and a brief statement of interest.


Erik Tylkowski

Production Manager



Business Address

1417 Hinman Ave

Evanston, IL 60201

Posted: 08/10/2018 16:02:00 EST

Last Updated: 08/10/2018 21:00 EST

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Feld Entertainment, Inc.
Palmetto, FL
LAST MINUTE | Theme Park / Cruise Ship | Corporate / Trade Show

Expires: 09/01/18

Job Dates

Sept 2018 - Jan 2020



DreamWorks Trolls The Experience is coming to NYC this Fall, and YOU can be a part of the team that makes the magic happen! This live location-based experience is a visually stunning, interactive adventure that brings to life the colorful and musical world of DreamWorks Trolls. Feld Entertainment, the global leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment, is proud to partner with Universal Brand Development in this exciting new venture that will be sure to lift the human spirit and create indelible memories. ...


Human Resources



Business Address

800 Feld Way

Palmetto, FL 34221

Posted: 08/09/2018 15:21:03 EST

Last Updated: 08/09/2018 14:21 EST

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Water People Theater
Chicago, IL

Expires: 09/23/18


$500 flat fee

Water People Theater is seeking a Prop Master to arrange and design the properties for our upcoming production of 'Muses' as part of the 2nd Chicago International Latino Theatre Festival.

There is a paid stipend for this position of $500.

Production Meetings will begin Mid-August.
Load-In will be September 17th
Tech ...


Mitchell Ward

Production Manager


Business Address

31 W. Ohio St

Chicago, IL 60654

Posted: 08/09/2018 11:04:50 EST

Last Updated: 08/09/2018 15:00 EST

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Cardinal Stage Company
Bloomington, IN

Expires: 01/25/19

Job Dates

Various throughout 2018-2019 season


$500-$1000 based on production per show

Cardinal Stage, located in Bloomington, IN, is seeking Props Masters for their upcoming season of productions. The Props Master will work closely with Cardinals Production Manager, Scenic Designers, and Directors to gather appropriate props and set dressing for productions. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, ability to work quickly and make decisions in high-pressure situations, and have a positive attitude. ...


Joel Magill



Business Address

900 S Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47401

Venue Address

Cardinal Stage Company

900 S Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47401

Posted: 08/07/2018 15:04:00 EST

Last Updated: 08/07/2018 13:24 EST

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