Back in January of 1997, I was unemployed following the holiday shows and looking for work. After looking through every theatre-related job site I could find, I grew very frustrated. The sites that were free were generally part of a larger site, and therefore not their main focus. The sites that charged were either completely walled off to non-members, or gave a tease of the job title and the state the job was in. So you would need to pay to find out if they even had any jobs that fit what you were looking for.

So, on January 17, 1997, with the existing free server space that came with my sleep-inducing 14.4kbs dial-up connection, I started "The Theatre Design & Technical Jobs Page." The title to help the search engines overcome the not-so-useful URL "" Completely free to post and view: "because you shouldn't have to pay to find work."

Twenty years, four redesigns, and two name changes later, continues to be "Your source for all behind-the-scenes jobs in the live entertainment industry," and still free.

To celebrate our 20 years of helping you find, and fill, jobs, we want to ask you for $20. But don't give it to us: give it to Behind-The-Scenes.

That's right: If you have found a job or filled a job here in the last 20 years, we want you to donate $20 to Behind the Scenes. It's our #OSJ20for20 campaign, and it will last through January 17, 2018. We hope to raise at least $20,000 to help our fellow industry professionals when they need it the most.

To donate, click here or on the Behind the Scenes logo. In the box for "This contribution is in celebration of:" type "#OSJ20for20", so they can keep track of donations from this campaign.

In the last 10 years alone, we've posted over 40,000 jobs, and 20,000 Contact Sheet listings. If just 1000 of you donate, we'll hit our goal.

#OSJ20for20: Celebrate 20 years of helping you by helping your fellow entertainment industry professionals.

And thank you for using

Patrick Hudson
Owner/Webmaster family of sites.
(note for the kids: webmaster was the original term used for a person in charge of a website back in the old days when we had to push our internet data to our computers ourselves uphill in a snowstorm.)

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