The 8th annual House Manager Appreciation Week is Monday, November 27th through December 3rd. They deal with the audience, so you don't have to. You should thank them.

Jen "Rock Star" Collins was a Stage Manager, mom, and all around awesome person whom we recently lost to cancer. Please help secure her young son's future by donating to This fund will be managed by fellow SM Rolando Linares.

Please, help a fellow stage pro.

And if you'd like to help even more people...

To celebrate our 20 years of helping you find, and fill, jobs, we want to ask you for $20. But don't give it to us: give it to Behind-The-Scenes.

That's right: If you have found a job or filled a job here in the last 20 years, we want you to donate $20 to Behind the Scenes. It's our #OSJ20for20 campaign, and it will last through January 17, 2018. We hope to raise at least $20,000 to help our fellow industry professionals when they need it the most.

To donate, click here or on the Behind the Scenes logo. In the box for "This contribution is in celebration of:" type "#OSJ20for20", so they can keep track of donations from this campaign.

In the last 10 years alone, we've posted over 40,000 jobs, and 20,000 Contact Sheet listings. If just 1000 of you donate, we'll hit our goal.

#OSJ20for20: Celebrate 20 years of helping you by helping your fellow entertainment industry professionals.

And thank you for using

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